• Geek Dad Blog says: "Bottom line: children will have fun learning about shapes with this app."
  • Mom Vantage says: "Shape Pals! is the newest game on my iphone, and it is curently the most played as well."
  • Appolocious, a site where users are asked to rate apps, also has some positive reviews. One adult user credited Shape Pals! with helping him identify a rhombus; even adults might learn something new from our app!
  • App or Not, a new iPhone app site, says: "With Shape Pals kids can have a great time learning the name and look of different shapes."

Announcing: Shape Pals! Version 1.5

Created for younger children by parents of toddlers, Shape Pals! is a fun and interactive educational game that teaches basic shapes. Shape Pals! was designed in consultation with a child learning specialist to create a balance of education and interaction. The graphics and animations were carefully crafted by a professional artist and graphic designer; Shape Pals! is as beautiful as it is functional.

This version teaches 13 shapes through a learning and a game mode. In the game mode, children are rewarded if they correctly select the shape from a set of choices. The reward scenes are colorful and interactive with stickers that are earned by playing the learning mode. Whether your child is a toddler just learning about shapes for the first time, or a preschool student about to go to kindergarten, we're confident that your child will love playing Shape Pals!

The shapes included are oval, circle pentagon, hexagon, rhombus, parallelogram, square, star, trapezoid, triangle, rectangle, crescent and heart. The name of each shape is spoken as it is presented on screen with background music. Music and voices can be disabled individually in the preferences screen. Shape Pals! includes a selectable winter and spring theme. Summer and fall themes are released later in the year in conjunction with special holiday themes.

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Learn with Shape Pals! Learn with Shape Pals! Learn with Shape Pals!